Kentucky Derby Betting Games

The Kentucky Derby 2017 happens every year at the renowned Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky. This is part one of the Triple Crown and there is a long-standing tradition and dare I say, expectation, for patrons to be decked out in one of the many extravagant or mundane Kentucky Derby Hats when they attend the races along with playing a variety of Kentucky Derby betting games if you are having a get together at home.

There is an entire week of activities that culminates with the actual race on the last day, May 6 and provides plenty of opportunity to showcase your style and taste in what has been dubbed the Kentucky Derby Hat. Indeed, there is a vast array of hats to choose from whether you shop at a department store or an exclusive boutique.

The Kentucky Derby 2017 Hats on Show

The Kentucky Derby provides a great opportunity to discover the latest in fashionable hats. After all this is the world’s stage for hats and it showcases cultures from around the globe. The hats being worn can look bold, sexy, crazy, stylish or over-embellished, to satisfy every distinctive taste. Every woman at the Kentucky Derby sets out to find the perfect hat to wear to the Oaks and for the week could sport anywhere from three to five different hats to match her taste and sense of style at the different events.

Kentucky Derby Hats Betting Games

Start off the Kentucky Derby week at a dinner party with a chick and sexy designer hat and enjoy the journey for the next few days as you progress with style, flair and possible drama which will inevitably happen when playing betting games about the Kentucky Derby. You may want to save one of your favorites for the day before the derby, the day of the Kentucky Oaks. Your hats will speak volumes for your station and passion and you would be careful to reserve the best of your Kentucky Derby Hats for the big day, the final race day.

You know that the women have been preparing for the Kentucky Derby with as much precision and concentration as those who prepare the horses for the races. It’s all about the hat so you find your outfit that compliments that hat or you simply get a new outfit, because at the Kentucky Derby 2017, when it comes to women’s fashion, it’s all about the hat.

Customized Kentucky Derby Hats Anyone?

Here’s your next option to buying your Kentucky Derby hat. Get one custom made to your specific flair and style. It may cost more than one you would get from a store but you will get a hat that matches your personality and outfit, perfectly. Your hat will be truly one of a kind and you will be able to parade with confidence and pizzazz.

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