Kentucky Derby Attendees

The 140th Kentucky Derby is upon us and celebrities everywhere are dusting off their hooves and getting ready for the big celebrity event. The Kentucky Derby’s attendance continues to climb each and every year. The quality of the weather is a large determining factor on whether or not the crowds will join the festivities.

The most intriguing part of the Kentucky Derby is being able to potentially rub elbows with athletes and stars of pop culture. Some of the most high profile people in the world have been caught enjoying the Kentucky Derby online betting sweepstakes. Former Presidents George Bush Sr. and Jr. have been seen at the Derby. Ashton Kutcher goes to the Derby almost every year. Entertainers like Ice-T and Ludacris have all experienced the Derby live. Guys like Rick Pitino and Steven Spielberg have even owned Kentucky Derby horses. Queen Elizabeth II marked the Derby off of her bucket list in 2007.

Kentucky Derby Celebrities

Churchill Downs is doing its part to make the fans experience truly special. In fact, in late 2013, Churchill Down installed a large big screen that allows fans from any corner of the track to see the race as it happens. Most of the people who attend the Derby buy a general admission ticket and enjoy the Derby inside the infield. These infield parties have a limited view of the actual track but most people come for the partying experiences. The experience can be likened to a tail-gaiting event for a football game that occurs all day long. Plenty of videos exist on YouTube that chronicle this unbelievable one in a life time experience.

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