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Who says that the Kentucky Derby is the only thing you can bet on online this year? One of the biggest single betting days next to the Kentucky Derby in 2015 will be the Super Bowl which kicks off on Sunday, February 1st, 2015 at the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona. Today we will be looking at Super Bowl Champions past, present, and now future with the first Sunday in February’s meeting between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.

The Super Bowl seems to be familiar meeting for some teams. When you look at the teams that are in the playoffs, with the exception of the Lions, you notice that many of these teams have a winning pedigree. The Lions have turned it around in recent years but they still haven’t enjoyed any success when diving into the NFL playoffs. For a look at the latest Super Bowl online betting odds and professional wagering picks check here at where they have reviewed the best online sportsbooks to bet on Super Bowl XLIX so that you don’t have to. Even teams like the Panthers have made appearances in the Super Bowl and teams such as the Steelers have 6 Lombardi trophies on display at their home stadium. Winning a Super Bowl seems to be a tradition for some organizations.

Super Bowl Online Betting

The New England Patriots have been SuperBowl Champions and runner up in the past several year with the Seahawks winning the title last year. Could the Seahawks repeat? A lot of knowledgeable analysts believe that they can. This years SuperBowl 2015 could produce some interesting story lines as many of these teams have a lot to prove such as this years installment of the Dallas Cowboys. Teams such as the Bengals have not been able to get momentum in the playoffs. Is this the year the Bengals and Andy Dalton break through and run the table in the AFC? The excitement leading up the Super Bowl makes watching football that much more enjoyable.

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