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This year’s biggest focus will be on one of the most successful horse trainers on the continent. His name is Graham Motion, and the focus is not because of his success, but because of his horse, which did really badly in the race finishing in the seventh place. He says that a possible reason for this low ranking of his three-year-old colt is probably tiredness because of the hard training, but that is not an excuse. The team needs to perform strong and train hard in the following days to be able to compete with other newcomer horse trainers and their horses because these are the types of races that anyone can win. The horse will need some adaptation, and he doesn’t want to say anything else, he believes they are a good tandem capable of winning the derby. There are teams that have become really competitive in the past, for example, Classic empire that won the Breeders Cup Juvenile and then Holy Bull Stakes that trains much more than some think was necessary…

The second most attractive event on the derby will be this race, that includes a trainer that had almost won San Felipe Stakes a one time. Why almost, you may wonder? The situation is even worse than you think, the horse pulled up with a fractured left front leg… After the proper treatment, we expect it to return and surprise all of us. The Motion’s horse will be competing against some of the newcomer horses to the event, so we can say that the experience might prevail on this one.

The thing with some horses that they may be nonadaptive as it in comparison to others. The horse just may not be able-able to cope with the terrain and would, therefore, keep getting bad results. The track at Gulfstream can be exceptionally dry, and the horse may not manage to get used to it, unlike some of the spectacular performance others are able to achieve.

Graham Motion Kentucky Derby

The method of handling the situation may be adopted: the horse will most probably get some rest because its condition and shape isn’t as good as it used to be because of the high-level exercises and training that the horse couldn’t cope with. But everybody believes in Graham Motion and his Irish War Cry, a relatively young three-year-old colt that is willing to strive for victory, but the lack of experience on different terrains bother him. Motion felt that people had lost their belief in them, but he had a big surprise in store.

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