Horse Racing Betting Structure at a Glance

With just a few days before the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby we take a break today to look at the state of today’s horse racing betting structure and the subtle nuances involved when wagering on the Kentucky Derby.

There are various reasons people why many people watch horse races. It may be the betting side, it may be a “good fun” side when going out with friends, or just because you enjoy doing it or simply because you like it. There may be any other reason and actually, any reason to watch horse races is a good one. However, you should know the structure of the race.

Horse Racing Betting Derby 2017

Horse races are classified into four different groups: maiden races, claiming races, allowance races, and stakes races. A maiden race is a very fun type of race that features horses that had never won a race before. It is usually a great race to place your bets on because the stakes are high and you never know which horse will win it. Any horse is a maiden before it wins its first race. So basically, if a horse wins a maiden race, it will never participate in one ever again, because the horse had lost its maiden status.

Claiming races are races where anyone with the cash can get himself/herself a horse. An interested person gets a horse before the race and after the race, the old owner gets the prize and the person remains with the horse. This is a very simple process but it can get really fun, this is one of the biggest and fastest rising categories in the horse racing at the moment. When it comes to Kentucky Derby online betting, specifically claiming races, this has grown into one of the most popular forms of wagering on the Kentucky Derby in past years and will most likely repeat again this year.

In 2017 allowance races are races where the horses that can participate are the ones that had never won a maiden race, claiming or starter race ever. It is a big stake race and generally, there are nonwinning horses participating and being wagered on.

Stakes races are the top game, the biggest there is in the culture of horse racing. All kinds of people attend these races, from big betters, high stake rollers, people that watch horse races “professionally “ to those that just come casually to one or two horse races. Some of the most popular races in this class are Kentucky Derby, Breeders Cup, and Belmont stakes. These are the types of races only the best horses run, and that’s why it gets the most attention. As the name says, the stakes are very high and they have highest bets (higher you can possibly imagine). There are three different classes of horses participating, enumerated G1, G2 and G3, which rolls down from G1 as the best class. There is a huge difference between the class G1 and G3.

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