New Kentucky Derby Betting Sites

Below, new Kentucky Derby betting sites to bet on Kentucky Derby 2020. One of the reasons the Kentucky Derby is popular is because so much money is bet on this specific race. Sound familiar? If you are a sharp horse bettor and you can gain an edge on this field, you can certainly make some money betting on this race. Just think about it. There are 20 horses in the race.

If you could narrow the field down to 3-4 legitimate contenders. You could possibly bring home a nice payday by taking a strategic approach. Let’s take a closer look at what many experts call the “Dutching” strategy.

Think of it like this. Also, if you could pick 3-4 horses in the Kentucky Derby and guarantee yourself 1/1 betting odds, you’d essentially double your money when one of your horses win the race. The dutch betting strategy allows you to do just that. You simply narrow the number of horses that could win the Derby down a couple and wager an amount on each horse that provides you with the same result. Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a strong feeling about 3 horses.

September 2020 New Kentucky Derby Betting Sites Online

New Kentucky Derby Betting Sites 2020

  • A Horse is 5/1
  • B Horse is 5/1
  • C Horse is 10/1
  • If you simply bet $4 on horses A and B while betting $2 on horse C, you’d spend $10 but get a return between $20 and $25 on your money depending on the final payouts. You could obviously scale up those numbers if you are feeling very confident about your wager.

    One of the ways to take this strategy to the next level. Go ahead and lock in betting odds with an online sportsbook. Using their Kentucky Derby future lines. That way, you won’t have to worry about the odds dropping when the horses are being loaded into the gate and you can watch the race with confidence knowing exactly what you’ll earn if one of your horses happens to win the race.

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