Going to the Belmont Stakes

While the Kentucky Derby 2015 will be the highlight of the horse racing season, as it is every year, the Belmont Stakes has the distinction of being the only race that could potentially crown a Triple Crown winner. While it is an incredible feat just to reach the Belmont with a chance at the Triple Crown, it happens often enough to make this an intriguing race to attend in person. Of course, even if there is no triple crown on the line, there are plenty of other reasons to make a trip to the Belmont Stakes.

The race is held at Belmont Park, which is located on Long Island, not far from New York City. Obviously, this makes attending the race in person attractive for many reasons. Not only will you be able to witness one of the most-famous tracks in all of horse racing, you will also have all the tourist and sight-seeing opportunities that are presented by the biggest city in the world. The weather in early June, when the race is held each year, is usually excellent for visiting the area.

Belmont Stakes Betting

One of the big advantages to deciding to come see the Belmont Stakes for yourself is the abundance of air travel and hotel options. Countless flights come in and out of New York each day, and there are plenty of great hotels to pick from while you are on your trip. While going to the Kentucky Derby 2015 would certainly be an exciting experience, racing fans can also have a memorable time by taking a trip to the Belmont Stakes.

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