Wagering On Thoroughbred Horse Racing

It seems that everyone knows all there is to know about modern horse racing online wagering. The reason for this is simple; horse racing has become deep-rooted into current culture. It is more than just a very exhilarating sport it is also one of the top methods of gambolling around.

Practiced over the years, horse racing has always involved sets of horses carrying riders by some method, competing to see who will get to the finish line with their burden first. The earliest documentation of tamed or domesticated horse are reported to originate in the Ukraine from as far back as around 3500 BC but that information is challenged by reports that the now Kazakhstan had people riding horses from around 3000 BC.

The ancient cultures of Egypt, Persia, Greece or Babylon is said to have given horse racing its beginning and, based on historical texts, were depicted as a horse pulling on a chariot with a rider inside. This type of horse racing is still practiced in recent times in some cultures. And, even though horse racing of this nature is known to have resulted in significant personal injury and death this was the one of the strongest selling point of the horse racing of that era.

Horse Racing History

Origins of Flat Racing
“Flat racing” is what comes to mind when most people think about current horse racing. Basically, the horse racing is done on a flat surface or track regardless of the whether that surface is made of synthetic material, dirt or grass. The track is usually oval in shape and the rider sits atop the horse and directs him in getting to the finish line. Wagering online records indicate that the first documented flat race occurred in 1174AD on a four mile track and very soon became a demand at festivals and fairs in Europe and the UK.

Origins of Thoroughbreds
In the 1600’s three stallions from the “Orient” were mated with mares to produce a breed of horses now recognized as thoroughbred horses. These horses were descendants of Arabian, Turkey and Barb horses and the crossbreeding done from about 1680 to 1740 produced thoroughbred horses of such power and stamina that this breed of horses quickly became the most sought after breed. It was not long before breeders and owners in Europe and England started racing their thoroughbred against each other to see whose was faster, better or stronger.

And so the “English Classics” was born.

Is this information you need to know going into the 2017 Kentucky Derby? Probably not, but it’s a good life lesson to learn about when it comes to the world of thoroughbred horse racing.

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