2013 Kentucky Derby Predictions

With the 139th Run for the Roses set to begin on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky many of our visitors have contacted us with regards to getting some further information on 2013 Kentucky Derby predictions and picks to help with their Kentucky Derby online betting selections that you can place at the Bovada Sportsbook.

Have you ever wondered what a Win/Place/Show bet is? You may have seen this bet commonly abbreviated to WPS. A win place show wager lets you bet on a horse and if the horse finishes in first place, you get paid full odds for the win bet, and partial odds on the show and place bets. Here is an example, let’s say you decide to bet on Revolutionary to win place or show at the Derby this year. If Revolutionary comes in 2nd, better known as “Show”, you would lose the win part of your bet but you would still get paid for “Showing” and you’d also get paid for “Placing.” You can determine the exact payouts of these horses by checking out the tote board after the race is complete. This usually tells you the payoff of each of these bets in multiples of $2.

Also if you are wondering which horse this is below it is Goldencents and you may have heard of his owner, Rick Pitino. Rick Pitino is the head coach of the Louisville Cardinals that won the the 2013 Men’s NCCAA Basketball tournament earlier this month in April. Goldencents recently won the Santa Anita Derby and many are thinking Pitino’s lucky streak may extend into the Kentucky Derby. It is also noteworthy to mention that Pitino was also inducted into the Men’s College Basketball Hall of Fame during this great winning streak of his.

2013 Kentucky Derby Predictions

Win Place Show bets are also known as “Across the board” bets and they usually involve less risk. This is because if you are certain your horse can win the race, if something happens down the stretch and they get passed at the last moment, you still gain to profit from your bet. Win Place Show bets are fun to bet when you have enormous long shots in the first. Imagine what the payoff on an across the board bet would be if your horse went off at 20-1. When it comes to the Kentucky Derby betting 2013, anything can happen and it is smart to think about placing these types of bets to increase your bankroll steadily and mitigate risk. The best website to bet on the Kentucky Derby is Bovada.lv. Bovada has a fully featured race book that caters to those who may be betting on horses online for the first time.

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