Slowest Winning Times at Kentucky Derby

Happy St. Patricks Day fellow drinkers and horse racing enthusiasts! Today we have decided to take a look back at the history of the Kentucky Derby and list some of the slowest winning times at Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. In addition to listing the slowest winning times at Kentucky Derby we will be listing picks and predictions on how ot bet on the 2018 Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby is only a few weeks away, so we decided to take a look at the past races to come up with a list of the slowest horses to win the biggest horse racing event of the year. You can bet on the slowest winning time or the fastest at the Bet Online Racebook for the 2018 Kentucky Derby.

Slowest Kentucky Derby Winning Horses

5 Slowest Winning Times at Kentucky Derby History

5. Exterminator (1918)

We start this list with the 5th horse, Exterminator, who was a last minute addition to the Kentucky Derby in 1918 after Willis Sharpe Kilmer’s two-year-old champion colt was unable to run in the race due to an injury. Exterminator entered the race with 30-1 odds, but surprised everyone by winning the race in 2:10.80, which was one of the slowest times at the time.

4. Manuel (1899)

The Louisville bred horse finished the Kentucky Derby in 2:12.00, but at the time, he went against only four races in the Derby. He was unable to compete in the Preakness and Belmont Stakes because he suffered an injury on the Churchill Downs track.

3. Typhoon II (1897)

Another champion from the early days of horse racing pulled off the upset at the Kentucky Derby and finished the race in 2:12.50 and makes it third on our list of the slowest winning times at Kentucky Derby. However, his racing career was cut short as he declined soon after his three-year-old season was over. His owner actually wanted to dispose of him but his trainer gave him to a friend instead.

Top 2 Slowest Horses in Kentucky Derby History

2. Pink Star (1907)

This was a long shot that got hot at the right time and won the Derby in 2:12.60, thanks to the muddy conditions on the track. The horse retired the next year due to some lackluster performances and his bad temperament. At the time of the Derby, he had the slowest time in history, but the record was broken a year later.

1. Stone Street (1908)

He hadn’t won a major race before the Kentucky Derby, but surprised a lot of people by winning the race despite 24-1 odds. Stone Street over came very muddy conditions to win the race in 2:15.20, which is the slowest time ever posted by a winner at the Kentucky Derby.

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