What are the Chances of an Upset at the Breeders Cup Classic 2018?

The Breeders Cup CLassic is here. One of the most exciting prospects of betting on horses is that you can earn a big payoff if a longshot wins a race. Enjoy today’s Breeders Cup betting odds. The Breeders Cup Classic is here! Today we preview the latest picks.

Since horse racing is a pari-mutuel betting sport, the payoffs of a horse are directly proportional the amount of money being bet on other horses. Also, in a big race like the Breeders Cup, it isn’t uncommon for a wealthy horse owner to be an abnormally large sum on their horse.

Therefore, this creates abnormally large payoffs for horses that should be more heavily favored, giving you the potential of making a bet with a positive expected value.

Think about it like this. If a wealthy billionaire horse owner decides to be a few million on his horse, which happens to be the overall favorite. His bet will severely decrease the odds of the horse he bet on, while drastically increasing the payouts of the other horses on the card.

Breeders Cup Betting Odds

Breeders Cup Classic Betting

In normal weekday races, you won’t find this type of action. This is not normal. At big horse racing events such as the Breeders Cup and the Kentucky Derby, you can find these types of bets regularly since there is so much money being bet on these races. You’ve might have seen this in our best trainers post.

Betting on the Breeders Cup is easy. Most online sportsbooks also allow you to bet on horse racing. Giving you the ability to use your sports betting bankroll on horse races. Do you already have a sportsbook account? If not, check out the above.

With this year’s installment of the Breeders Cup taking place at historic Churchill Downs. Horse racing fans will get to experience a “Derby-like” atmosphere for this year’s big event.

That being said, with horses such as Accelerate, Catholic Boy and West Coast all at the top of the likely winners. You can’t miss this season’s action-packed horse-racing event. Best of all, if you bet before the race. You can lock up a nice price on your horse in a futures wagering pool. Stay tuned!

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