Strategies to Help You Bet on Kentucky Derby

To bet on tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby you should follow a certain list of strategies which we will offer here today. For your 2014 Kentucky Derby betting predictions be sure to check out the above reviewed online racebooks to help place your winning picks and Kentucky Derby 2014 predictions.

If you are going to watch the Kentucky Derby, chances are that you probably have some money riding on the race. If this is the case, you probably want to know what kind of betting strategies you can use in order to get the most bang for your buck. Before you begin betting on the big race, let’s keep things into perspective. This is a horse race and anything can happen. When you are talking about the Kentucky Derby, it is possible that any horse in the field can win on any given day. Since these thoroughbreds are the most elite of all horses, it should be no surprise to you that long shots can win the race.

The best strategy is to set aside an amount of money you are comfortable losing and bet on your picks on the day of the race. So many factors can come into play including the way a horse carries himself on the trot to the starting gate, weather conditions and the loud noise. With your long shots, go ahead and bet on Win/Place/Show bets. If the horse has long odds but the horse some how sneaks into the top 3, you stand a good chance to still earn a profit.

If the horse wins the race outright, you will get paid 3 times instead of just once. The best way to profit at the Kentucky Derby is to stick to win place show bets as long as the odds dictate it. If California Chrome is the heavy favorite in this race, it wouldn’t be wise to put a win place show bet on this horse because his odds could be as low as 2/1 or worse which wouldn’t pay you much if you actually did win the bet. The best strategy to implement in the Kentucky Derby is to bet smart and bet as close to post as you can.

Kentucky Derby Betting Strategies

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