Bet On The 2012 Belmont Stakes

Okay maybe the below rider is not wearing the proper jockey uniform attire, but are you honestly upset? Now that we have made your day and gotten the fun stuff out of the way, let’s move on to the business of the day, and that of course is how to bet on the 2012 Belmont Stakes online which will be this Saturday, June 9th, the same day as the Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley boxing fight. Talk about a big day in online betting. So the Belmont Stakes will take place prior to the fight so hopefully with the right wagering tips and Belmont Stakes predictions you can use some of your winnings to bet on the fight in the evening. Of course many of you have already placed your Belmont bets on I’ll Have Another. I definitely do not blame you, but I do have my hesitations betting on the new horse. Sometimes you just have to bet with experience when it comes to the track at Belmont Park, in New York.

Bet On the 2012 Belmont Stakes

Now the first thing most rookie bettors are going to say is, “If we should not bet on I’ll Have Another, then who should we bet on in the Belmont Stakes?” Well, unfortunately the question is a lot easier to ask than it is to answer. When it comes to Belmont Stakes online betting it is far too easy to place your bets on the popular favorite like I’ll Have Another is going into the Belmont, but what about Union Rags and Dullahan? For your Internet Belmont Stakes wagering picks you have to look specifically at which race is coming up, and you must try to block out previous races like the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes races and winners. Don’t be overwhelmed by the hype of the horse who won the previous two legs of the Triple Crown, and you have to treat the Belmont Stakes like it is an entire new ball game, which is it. Just because I’ll Have Another won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, this does not mean that the momentum of the win is going to carry forward nearly three weeks after the fact. This is why we don’t feel comfortable betting on I’ll Have Another for our Belmont Stakes online betting picks and predictions because there is simply too much hype surrounding this horse. If you agree with us like you know you should if you want to win your 2012 Belmont Stakes bets then check out the Bovada horse betting site today and think about betting on Union Rags or Dullahan for the Belmont Stakes 2012 wagering.

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