Kentucky Oaks 2013

A race that is just as equally known in the world of online horse wagering as the Kentucky Derby, but virtually non-existent to the general public, is the Kentucky Oaks contenders race which is just as important to horse racing fans as it’s next-day counterpart. The Kentucky Oaks is the race that comes right before the day of the Kentucky Derby 2013 and has been for 139 years but many bettors miss out on this online horse wagering opportunity.

The Kentucky Oaks is traditionally held on the Friday before the Derby. The Kentucky Oaks is a racing event that all locals in Louisville, Kentucky love to attend. It is a tradition for workplaces to let their employees out early on that day in order for them to attend the big race. The Kentucky Oaks is a race that features Phillies instead of Colts. Since this event features female horses, there is a large breast cancer awareness campaign being held at the track on that day.

Kentucky Oaks 2013

Wagering over the Internet on the Kentucky Oaks is just as fun and easy as Kentucky Derby online betting in our opinion, but with less hype. If you’re looking for a website to bet on the Kentucky Oaks, is a great place to begin booking your bets. When you bet at Bovada, you are getting the best odds on your money. Betting on the Kentucky Oaks is often a warm up to betting on the Kentucky Derby and most horse racing enthusiasts are just as excited about the Kentucky Oaks as they are the Kentucky Derby. Don’t miss out on all of the betting action of the Kentucky Oaks 2013 by signing up for an account at today where you can also place your Kentucky Derby bets the following Saturday.

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