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Looking to bet on Kentucky Derby 2020 online? Welcome to KDOB, your home for all your Kentucky Derby online betting 2020 needs for the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 and a list of the top online racebooks to place your wagers at.

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Bet on Kentucky Derby 2020

Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online

Also, for US bettors looking to bet on the Kentucky Derby online with Bitcoin and/or credit card there are a few key points to note as a result one, choose from online racebooks that give you a signup bonus. To bet on Kentucky Derby 2020 keep reading. Here you will also find a complete list of Kentucky Derby 2020 contenders. Please note that the Twinspires racebook does not accept Bitcoin, unlike MyBookie.ag and Bovada.lv. If you are going to bet on the Kentucky Derby you might as well get paid for it. Secondly, do your research on the horses racing. Just because the name sounds very clever, does not a winning horse it make.

Road to the Roses

The 146th annual Road to the Roses, Kentucky Derby 2020, is just around the corner on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 from Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. This is why there is no time better than now to go over what we believe to be the best sites online to bet on the Kentucky Derby. In the coming weeks we will all be privy to the 145th annual running of the Kentucky Oaks & Derby for 2020, also known as the first leg of the triple crown.

Basically if you want to bet on Kentucky Derby online you have come to the right site. As many of you know the current Kentucky Derby betting odds on favorite going into the big race is Ride On Curlin who is sitting at 12-1 betting odds. If that name sounds familiar to you then here is why. Ride On Curlin is the offspring of 2007 Preakness Stakes winner, Curlin. Also you can bet on the 2018 Breeders Cup here.

Kentucky Derby Odds Favorites at the top Online Racebooks

Teeth of the Dog 30/1 – You know what they say about the hair of the dog when you wake up with a bad hangover, but sometimes you just need the teeth to help you get through the day. Teeth of the Dog is currently sitting at 30/1 betting odds to win the Kentucky Derby, first jewel of the Tripe Crown. Next up we have Danza coming in at 25/1 betting lines to finish first in the 2020 Kentucky Derby. Danza is almost like I’ll Have Another of the Kentucky Derby. Not really a quick starter, but known to finish strong as we all saw.

Next up we like Tapiture at 20/1 online betting Kentucky Derby odds, furthermore, Tapiture comes to us from the same camp as Bodemeister but is a little older and has shown great maturity as of late. Look for Tapiture to place amongst the top 3 in this year’s first leg of the Triple Crown and if you are still looking for a racebook to handle your Kentucky Derby online betting picks and predictions then might we suggest you check out the Bovada Kentucky Derby online betting site with exclusive racebook bonuses and promotions to help you get in on the racing action today.

Updated 2020 Kentucky Derby Official Betting Odds

Omaha Beach has been scratched from the Kentucky Derby

Below is a list of complete 2020 Kentucky Derby official betting odds for online wagering for Saturday’s 146th Kentucky Derby race and the remaining legs of the Triple Crown.

  • Omaha Beach +300 (Scratch)
  • Roadster +450
  • Game Winner +500
  • Improbable +750
  • Tacitus +800
  • Maximum Security +1000
  • Code of Honor +1400
  • War of Will +1500
  • Vekoma +1800
  • Anothertwistafate +2500
  • Bodexpress +2500
  • Bourbon War +2500
  • By My Standards +2500
  • Cutting Humor +2500
  • Win Win Win +3000
  • Haikal +2800
  • Spinoff +2800
  • Tax +2800
  • Country House +3300
  • Long Range Toddy +3300
  • Plus Que Parfait +3300
  • Signalman +4000
  • Gray Magician +2500
  • Master Fencer +6600
  • Sueno +6600

Also when you review the above wagering lines for the 145th race and note that the above odds will change. Rather, daily leading up to the big race hence the reason why you should visit KDOB early and often to bet on Kentucky Derby 2020. The Preakness Stakes is up next, until next time enjoy Kentucky Derby online betting.

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John Velazquez Blames Bodexpress Fiasco on Miscommunication

Belmont Stakes online betting is next month. During last week’s Preakness Stakes, veteran jockey John Velazquez fell off Bodexpress. This, right after the race began. Leaving the horse to finish the Preakness without a rider. Fortunately for Velazquez, getting bucked off the horse did not result in a serious injury. He was however very upset.

A few days after the race, the jockey made an appearance on CNN. This was to explain what happened after the horse left the gate, blaming the mishap on miscommunication between himself and the assistant starter.

“When the gates opened, I think my assistant starter wasn’t ready for it,” said Velazquez, who flew high out of the saddle. This was when Bodexpress moved.

Before he left the gate, Bodexpress leaned against the right side of his gate. Also, squeezed Velazquez’s foot halfway out of the iron.

“The second that horse jumped out the way he did, I knew I was in trouble,” he told CNN, adding that due to the incident, “It seems like I’m getting more press than the winner, War of Will.”

Belmont Stakes Online Betting on Bodexpress

Bodexpress Belmont Stakes Online Betting

Even though Bodexpress managed to finish the race, the people who bet on him weren’t happy. This because they did not receive a refund due to a controversial Maryland rule. Making it the second consecutive Triple Crown race that ended in controversy. What will happen in the third leg?

According to the rules, if there is a gate malfunction, the rules say the starter determines who did or didn’t get a fair start, not the stewards. You can see why many would be upset.

Even though a lot of fans believe the stewards should have made Bodexpress a non-starter since his jockey fell off at the start of the race. This would have led to a refund of the bets on him. The stewards refused to do so, leaving a lot of people upset.

According to Velazquez, Bodexpress will not participate in the Belmont Stakes on June 8. Do not pick this horse for Belmont Stakes online betting.

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War of Will Expected To Run At Belmont Stakes

Looking for War of Will Belmont Stakes odds? Mark Casse trained horse, War of Will, took advantage of a Preakness field. A field that didn’t involve any of the top four finishers at the Kentucky Derby. WW won this year’s Preakness Stakes. Even though there won’t be a Triple Crown winner this year, Casse told reporters War of Will is going to run at the Belmont Stakes. Cassed citing the historic importance of the race.

“There’s only three Triple Crown races.” Casse said. “Also, they’re pretty important. I think if you can do it, you should do it.”

Casse also reminded the reporters that Classic Empire was the runner-up at the Preakness Stakes in 2017. Also, he would have entered him in the Belmont Stakes if he didn’t get injured.

“That’s us. That’s what we do. We run,” the trainer said.

The trainer also credited the horse’s temperament for his success on Saturday.

“If you were walking him and you dropped the shank, he would probably stand there and look at you,” Casse said Sunday morning, basking in the colt’s Preakness Stakes victory. “I don’t think he would go anywhere. But he has good energy.

Belmont Stakes 2019 Online Betting Odds

War of Will Belmont Stakes 2019

Therefore, Casse added that he was impressed with the way War of Will handled the opposition at the Preakness, especially after he was challenged.

“For our horse to continue, he was pretty close to the pace, and it was hot,” Casse said. “I liked the fact that even afterwards when they were galloping out, he took off again.”

“He’s tough and able to overcome things,” Casse said. “You probably saw yesterday — the Derby was very, very trying, and I was worried about that with him.”

“Now it’s just a matter of him saying he doesn’t want to go,” he added, “and that would just be that he was lethargic training.”

In conclusion, War of will is expected to leave Maryland for Lexington, Kentucky on Monday to begin training for the Belmont Stakes.

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Country House Ruled Out Of Preakness Stakes Odds

Kentucky Derby winner, Country House, will not run in the Preakness Stakes odds. This is on Saturday because of a throat infection that developed after the rain-filled Kentucky Derby. With Country House pulling out of the race, the Preakness will be without the top four finishers at the Kentucky Derby. It will be anyone’s race to win.

Maximum Security, who initially won the Kentucky Derby before getting disqualified. Will also miss the Preakness due to abrasions sustained during the rain-filled Derby. Code of Honor and Tacitus, who finished second and third, have also been pulled out of the Preakness.

Trainer Bill Mott said Country House “developed a little bit of a cough” while at Churchill Downs. He said the thoroughbred was “not seriously sick”. At the time but was “coughing” and required blood testing. As a result, Country House was removed from the Preakness Stakes odds from the top online horse betting sites.

Preakness Stakes Odds

2019 Preakness Stakes Odds Country House

Mott added that with only a week left to train for the Preakness, it was not worth risking the horse’s health by running him at the Preakness.

By skipping the Preakness, Country Horse will become the first Kentucky Derby winner since Grindstone, who won the Kentucky Derby in 1996 but was forced to retire after the race when bone chips were discovered in his knees.
Country House missing the Preakness also means there will be no Triple Crown winner this year, leaving Seattle Slew and Affirmed as the only horses to win the Triple Crown in consecutive years.

Even though the top four finishers at the Kentucky Derby won’t be at the Preakness, there are still some big names expected to be on the track on Saturday. Have you placed your bets?

Improbable, who was one of the favorites to win the Derby and finished fifth. Improbable, the favorite is going into the Preakness at 2/1 odds. War of Will is at 3/1, while Alwaysmining and Win Win Win are at 8/1 Preakness Stakes odds.

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Preakness Stakes 2019 Will Not Have Maximum Security

Ready for 2019 Preakness Stakes online betting odds? Maximum Security was the best horse on the track at the Kentucky Derby. He had initially been crowned the winner of the 145th Kentucky Derby. This before being disqualified after obstruction complaints were filed. Country House became the winner and will race at the Preakness Stakes 2019 on Saturday, May 18th, 2019.

With the winner being disqualified, Country House, the biggest betting underdog on the track and the horse that finished in second place. Country House was officially crowned the Kentucky Derby winner. You can wager on the Preakness Stakes race here. This was the most weird Kentucky Derby in history.

Due to the controversy at the end, Maximum Security owner Gary West, said he plans on filing an appeal on Monday before the Preakness. Even though the rules state that all decisions shall be final. West thinks it still needs to be looked into.

“I think this is something that’s big enough that the entire racing world is looking at this. Also, I think they deserve an opportunity to really know what is going on. I was a bit shocked and surprised that the stewards wrote a statement that was probably prepared by their lawyers and refused — literally refused — to take a single question from the media.”

Preakness Stakes Online Betting

Preakness Stakes Online Betting

Therefore, due to the way the Kentucky Derby ended, West has decided not to run Maximum Security at the Preakness Stakes 2019.

“No, we’re not going to run in the Preakness,” West told interviewers of the May 18 race at Pimlico Race Course.”

“There’s no Triple Crown on the line for us,” West added, “and there’s no reason to run a horse back in two weeks when you don’t have to.”

Prior to the Kentucky Derby, Maximum Security had won all four races he had been entered, including the Florida Derby. He was initially supposed to be shipped to New Jersey after the Kentucky Derby. However, with him no longer participating in the Preakness, it is unclear when he will be back on the track.

In conclusion, Country House, who won the Derby, is expected to run at the Preakness Stakes. Who’s ready for the Preakness Stakes 2019?

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Richard Mandella Impressed With Omaha Beach’s Preparation

Trainer Richard Mandella will be going into the 145th Kentucky Derby with Omaha Beach, the 2019 betting favorite to win the race. On Sunday, after a brief training session with his three-year-old colt, Mandella told reporters that he is impressed by what he has seen from the horse. The predictions clearly point to Omaha Beach.

Mandella said he had been nervous about Omaha Beach’s training the previous night. Also, had a hard time falling asleep. Now that he has seen his horse practice on the ground. He says a lot of his anxiety is gone.

“To be honest, I didn’t sleep too well last night.” Mandella said.
“Anytime you have an important work like we did yesterday, you’ve got to be concerned for the next morning. And how they come out of it. But he’s fine; good as gold. It sure has me feeling better.”

Even though winning the Kentucky Derby is his top priority. Mandella and his wife, Randi, took some time off to relax on Sunday and visited one of his favorite horses, Beholder, at a nearby farm.

Omaha Beach Betting Favorite

Omaha Beach Betting Favorite Kentucky Derby 2019

Beholder is a champion mare who Mandella trained through four Eclipse Award seasons in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016. During her racing career, Beholder took home $6,156,000 in prize money. Now, Mandella is hoping she can breed a champion colt that will win the Kentucky Derby in the future.

Now that he has gone through an Impressive training session, Mandella will likely take it easy on Omaha Beach on Monday to make sure he gets enough rest and doesn’t pick up an injury that could prevent him from participating in the Kentucky Derby.

If Omaha Beach pulls off the victory on Saturday, he will be the first Richard Mandella-trained horse to win the Kentucky Derby. Even though he doesn’t have a Kentucky Derby win, Mandella has had a lot of success as a trainer, particularly in the Breeders’ Cup, which is why he is in the Hall of Fame.

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Kentucky Derby 2019 General Information

Looking to bet on Kentucky Derby winner? How about how information for betting on Kentucky Derby online? Your search ends here. The Kentucky Derby 2019 is expected to be the biggest and best edition of the Kentucky Derby yet. Horses, jockeys, owners and fans from around the world descend on Louisville, Kentucky. This, to watch the most exciting 2 minutes of sports.

Furthermore, the Kentucky Derby winning horse is traditional awarded with a garland of roses. That’s why many refer to the Kentucky Derby as the Run for the Roses. Churchill Downs is expecting well over 150,000 horse racing fans on Derby Day. Also, tickets for general admission will start at about $60.

This will get you into the infield, but to actually get an assigned seat, you’ll be looking at well over a couple hundred dollars.

Many groups go to the Kentucky Derby and get a box suite. These contain approximately 6 chairs. Other high rollers will purchase a ticket and host their Derby festivities up on Millionaires Row.

Betting on Kentucky Derby Online

Online Betting Kentucky Derby 2019

Regardless if you are able to attend the Kentucky Derby or not, you can always watch the Kentucky Derby’s international live television coverage that is traditionally hosted by NBC. The coverage by NBC is terrific because you get the insights of jockeys, handicappers while also being able to indulge in the Kentucky Derby culture and atmosphere.

Firstly, the official drink of the Kentucky Derby is the Mint Julep. This bourbon and mint concoction is a surefire way to loosen up and have some fun as you bet on the horses at the Kentucky Derby.

Secondly, the best part of the Kentucky Derby is being able to place your bets on the horses. Technology has simplified horse betting and this is the reason the sport is surging in popularity among younger adults. No longer do you have to wait in line and explain you bet to a teller.

In conclusion, you can just use your mobile device and bet on the races using an app of your choice. Technology is playing a big part in the rise of people becoming interested in horse racing and that is one of the reasons the Kentucky Derby has become such a popular event.

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Omaha Beach Dealing With Quarter Crack

On Sunday, Kentucky Derby favorite Omaha Beach received a new patch on quarter crack on his front left leg, an injury trainer Richard Mandella said happened during his maiden win at Santa Anita Park in February.

Despite the crack, Omaha Beach went on to win the Rebel Stakes and Arkansas Derby to become one of the favorites to win the Kentucky Derby.
“Now it’s a little over two months old, that patch,” Mandella said at Churchill Downs. “So I brought my blacksmith, Ben Craft, here from California.”

Craft, who did the original patch on the crack, said the patch he put on the three-year-old colt on Sunday was just routine maintenance and Omaha Beach should be ready to go when the Derby comes around.

“…But it doesn’t mean I won’t worry,” he added. “We’ve got plenty to worry about. That particular thing’s an old issue, but as you understand, if you crack your fingernail near the cuticle, it’s going to be a long time before it’s grown down and cut out. You’ve got to stay with it and not let it become a problem again.”

Omaha Beach Betting Odds

Omaha Beach Quarter Crack

Due to the crack and sloppy track, Omaha Beach missed a day of training on Saturday, but he was back on the track on Sunday and did a mile gallop.

Omaha Beach is the first horse Mandella has participating in the Kentucky Derby in 15 years, but he is confident about his chances of winning the Derby.

“I’m not used to having such a good 3-year-old at this time of year,” he said. “But I’m due. I’ve been doing this a long time. But I’m very fortunate to have a horse like Omaha Beach.

“He’s a very gifted horse — a great personality — the kind you’d like to just take home and sit by your couch at night.”

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Omaha Beach Pulls Off Impressive Win At Arkansas Derby

Before Saturday’s Arkansas Derby, Omaha beach was clinging to one of the last available Kentucky Derby spots. After the race, he emerged as one of the betting favorites to win next month’s Kentucky Derby after an impressive win over Bob Baffert-trained Improbable.

After Saturday’s win, Omaha Beach will likely be the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby because he has defeated two of the three top Baffert trained horses, Improbable and Game Winner, who had previously been the betting favorites to win the Derby.

“I was hoping he’d hang in there (in the stretch), and he surely did,” said trainer Richard Mandella. “He’s learned to fight it out.”

Omaha Beach has now won his last three starts and will be going for his fourth consecutive win at Churchill Downs in 19 days.

“I think the horse certainly fits with the other horses. We’ll see how he comes out of the race and see how things are going. We’ll decide, probably, tonight (regarding the Kentucky Derby),” owner Rick Porter said.

Betting Favorites to Win

Omaha Beach Betting Favorites to Win

Omaha Beach started to get some attention after defeating Game Winner at the Rebel Stakes last month.

“Since the Rebel, he has grown and is bigger,” said Mandella, who is 0-for-6 in the Kentucky Derby, with a fifth by Soul of the Matter in 1994 his best finish. “Either that or the mud is making him look bigger, I’m not sure which, but we’re sure excited. I hope he stays as good as he’s been, because he has improved all year long.”

Despite finishing second, Baffert was pleased with what he saw from Improbable.

“(I was) happy with the way he ran,” Baffert said about Improbable. “I was a little bit worried in the starting gate. He was acting up in there. I had a few moments there of maybe he was going to rear up or do something and get left. Luckily, they unloaded him and put him back, and he left there well. I thought Jose Ortiz did a masterful job of riding him. We got beat by a good horse. They showed how these California horses are good horses.”

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Kentucky Derby 2019 Trainers to Watch

We’ve basically covered all there is about horse betting. From predictions to Kentucky Derby odds. One of the neat things about the Kentucky Derby is all the different headlines associated with the trainers. Many trainers possess humble beginnings. While others are born into the sport with the support of the family. Let’s look at some of the notable trainers who are likely to be running a horse in the Kentucky Derby this year. You can also specifically bet on trainers.

Bob Baffert

How do you not talk about horse racing trainers without mentioning the legendary Bob Baffert. Horses such as American Pharoah and Justify will live on in horse racing history. Baffert looks to continue his tradition of winning the big races at Churchill Downs. A fun fact about Baffert is that is he regularly seen without his sun glasses and that he met his wife at the Kentucky Derby when she was reporting for a local television news channel.

Top Horse Betting Predictions

Kentucky Derby 2019 Trainers Todd Pletcher

Doug O’Neill

This Michigan born, California based horse trainer is the last trainer to have an upset win in the Kentucky Derby. O’Neill was the trainer of I’ll Have Another which won the Derby at 20/1 odds. You’ll also remember that O’Neill was the trainer of Nyquist who won the Derby a few years ago. If O’Neill has a horse or two in the Kentucky Derby this year, his stable is always able to pull off the big win.

Todd Pletcher

Before Todd Pletcher won the Derby with Always Dreaming back in 2017, many horse bettors didn’t think that Pletcher had what it takes win the big race. Pletcher was the trainer of Super Saver but many horse racing fans thought that Pletcher could have been a one-hit wonder trainer.

After silencing the critics, this two-time Derby winning trainer is looking secure another Kentucky Derby championship at Churchill Downs. Can Pletcher once again train a horse to win the most important prize in thoroughbred racing?

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