Will 2016 Still Be Exciting After the 2015 Triple Crown

Will 2016 Still Be Exciting After the 2015 Triple Crown?
2015 was the year that horse racing has been waiting for, as the Triple Crown was finally captured. American Pharoah managed to win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. The feat had not been accomplished since 1978, and it received incredible media attention – specifically when the chase reached its final leg in New York. So, since the Crown has finally been taken home, will the 2016 horse racing season be something of a let down?

2016 Triple Crown

Don’t bet on it. In fact, with all of the attention that was brought to horse racing over the past year, the 2016 Triple Crown races may draw even more viewership. American Pharoah won’t be lining up in the starting gate for the Kentucky Derby next May, but there will be a field full of hopefuls waiting to be the next to pursue the Triple Crown. Of course, whoever wins the Kentucky Derby will head to Baltimore with a chance at the second leg of the Triple Crown, so there will be no lack of excitement.

Will another horse win the Triple Crown in 2016 and relive the excitement of the 2015 journey taken by American Pharoah. Probably not – but anything’s possible. The thrill of horse racing is the unexpected results that can be waiting at the end of every race. Even heavy favorites don’t win all the time, so you never know what you will see when you come to the track on a given day. Even if 2016 doesn’t hold another Triple Crown accomplishment, the May and June horse racing season will still deliver plenty of drama.

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