The Weirdest Horse Names in Kentucky Derby History

As we look at which horse to bet on at the Kentucky Derby Online Betting for 2016, we can’t help but chuckle every time we see SUDDENBREAKINGNEWS as a horse name. Horse racing is a very classy sport, which is why it is so strange to people that horse names can get so weird. People who only know about the big races and who don’t follow the sport are always surprised at the sort of names that pop up in these races. If you look at horse racing in general you’ll find many delightful names such as Hoof Hearted (you’re going to have to say it out loud to get it) but in the spirit of the Kentucky Derby let’s look at some of the best horse names in its history.

  • I’ll have another
  • Yeah, this horse is literally names I’ll Have Another. The name is hilarious and it was always fun to see the commentators say I’ll have another again and again. The best part is that I’ll Have Another actually won the Kentucky Derby in 2012. I’ll have another decided that he was going to have another and won the 2nd part of the Triple Crown as well. Sadly a tendon injury ruled him out of being a Triple Crown contender and he lives as a stud now. I’m sure his skills of having another are very useful in his career as a stud and he may even have some family running in the Kentucky Derby 2016.

  • Itsmyluckyday
  • Itsmyluckyday entered the Kentucky Derby in 2013. Sadly it was not his lucky day at all as he ended up coming in at 15th in the race.

  • Mucho Macho Man
  • The Mucho Macho Man wasn’t all talk, as he ended up coming in at 3rd in the 2011 Derby

  • Watch Me Go
  • Another contender in the 2011 race, sadly we all just watched it go nowhere as it finished 18th in the race.

  • Comma to the Top
  • This is a classic case of not living up to one’s name, as Comma to the Top only ended up at the 19th place in 2011.

  • Vicar’s In Trouble
  • The name should have been this horse is in trouble as the horse ended up in the last place at the 2012 Kentucky Derby Race,

  • American Pharoah
  • American Pharoah seems like a great name, especially considering that the horse is American and is owned by an Egyptian-American. The hilarity comes from the fact that Pharoah is misspelled. What is even funnier is that no one wanted to accept the blame for the spelling mistake. First the owner said the jockey club had made a mistake but then the jockey club said the name had been received through its website and had been registered verbatim. Then the owner’s wife said her son ran a social media poll and copy pasted the winning name into the website’s text box but then the winner of the poll said he looked up the correct spelling in the dictionary. Finally the owner accepted that he submitted the wrong spelling. The best part is that the horse’s name was misspelled on the Triple Crown blanked because it used the correct spelling of Pharaoh.

    We hope you enjoyed the above recap of Kentucky Derby history as we get set for the 2016 Kentucky Derby tomorrow with a 6:30 PM EST start and can be viewed on NBC with Bob Costas.

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