Kentucky Derby 146 Betting Ideas

One of the best ways to lock in value for Kentucky Derby 146 betting using future wagers. With Kentucky Derby 146 gaining more hype than ever, sports news outlets from around the world will be on hand to watch the Run for the Roses. Just a reminder, the Derby is Saturday, September 5th, 2020.

It’s still too early to tell who will be favored at the Kentucky Derby. That’s one of the big factors in your favor because if you can figure out which horse can peak in May; you’ll cash a big ticket on Derby Day.

You’ll almost always gain a big price on a likely favorite. In the past few years, the favorite at the Kentucky Derby has been anywhere from 5/2 to 9/2. When you are racing against 19 other horses, those odds aren’t great. Considering the fact that one of those horses could have the race of their life.

Kentucky Derby 146 Betting Ideas

Kentucky Derby 146 Betting 2020

You should be willing to bet one more than one horse. Also, create a hedging system. A system will help you guarantee a profit. This is if one of your horses wins the race. That’s one way to make a small investment that could pay off. Just imagine if you are able to bet 4 horses at 20/1 for $100. If you win, you’ll get $2,000 returned on a $400 investment.

Those odds certainly seem favorable to any investor and you can lock in those odds if you are able to select a group of horses that could actually start on Derby day. How does this impact Kentucky Derby 146 betting odds?

Horses like Dennis’ Moment, Independence Hall and Enforcable look as if they have a clear early path to the Kentucky Derby. What other Kentucky Derby contenders are emerging right now and can you hop on those horses before others start to notice them? Look for various ways to identify horses that will be running on the first Saturday in May. It’s go time!

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