Horse Racing 2016

Kentucky Derby 2016 will commemorate the 142nd running of horse racing’s most prestigious event. Only rivaled by the NFL’s Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby is one of the most wagered upon events of the year.

Horse racing is all about having fun and one of the best ways to follow along with the races is bet on the horses. The Kentucky Derby provides the most lucrative odds of any horse race of the entire year. With so much money being bet on one race, it is entirely possible that the public could sway the odds in favor of one specific horse.

Horse Racing 2016

When this happens, other horses begin to gain more value as their odds price may not reflect their actual probability to win. For example, a horses odds could increase when a favorite gets bet on heavy by the public. If you think that your horse has a legitimate 25% chance of winning the race, but their odds are listed at 10/1, you could jump on that bet and seize the value in that pick, should your horse win, place or show.

Kentucky Derby 2016 is one of the few races of the year that introduces this dynamic. Be sure to find horses that have value compared to their relative odds and consider placing a wager with an online racebook.

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