How to Win the Kentucky Derby Race

When you are watching a horse race, it is hard to know who is more responsible for a horse coming out on top – the horse, or the jockey? How much control over the horse does the jockey have in the first place? Are they just hanging on for the ride, or is there really something they can do to manage the horse throughout the race? Unless you are an experienced fan of the sport, you may not know the answers to these questions. Do you want to know how to win the Kentucky Derby if you plan to bet? Well, pay attention because we are going to give you our online betting picks and predictions and which racebook you should place your Kentucky Derby wagers at online.

2016 Kentucky Derby Odds

Quite simply, the jockey has a lot to do with the outcome of any horse race. Of course, even the best jockeys can’t take the slowest horse in the field and turn he or she into a winner, but a good jockey can certainly mean the difference between a win and a disappointing second place finish. For the owner of a horse, or even for someone wagering on the race, finding the right jockey can be a crucial element to success.

There are a number of things that jockeys can do during a race to affect the outcome. For one, they can control where they position the horse among the rest of the field in order to provide a ‘clean run’ around the track. Even a fast horse can struggle when there isn’t open track to use, so a good jockey will know how to steer the horse into a winning position for online betting. Also, an experienced jockey will slow down a horse who might be running out of steam in order to conserve energy for the finish.

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