Today Is The Kentucky Derby

Find the best action in all of horse racing by loading up an online racebook on your PC or mobile device. One of the biggest hassles for US based horse racing bettors is going to the local off track betting facility and locking in your picks of the day.

While some patrons enjoy hanging out at the off track betting parlor, many do not have the time, money or energy to make it into one of these parlors to lock in their bets. That’s why online racebooks are such a good idea. Theoretically, you could sign up for a new online racebook and lock in your first bet on a horse within minutes.

Online racebooks will likely play a big part in the final betting odds of the Kentucky Derby. With so much money being wagered from within the comfort of one’s home, the online racebook industry has effectively given any US citizen the power to bet on horses no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Imagine the thrill of placing down a big bet on the Kentucky Derby winner. Since the Derby attracts such a large prize pool, you can expect to get paid off handsomely should you lock in a winning bet using your online racebook app.

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