What to Do for the Kentucky Derby

In the digital age, it is easy to be spoiled by the experience of watching sporting events on television and betting on them online. After all, with HDTV technology, countless cameras, and impressive production, watching events on TV or betting from your phone is almost as good as being there in person – if not better. Today we will help with making life more convenient for you by helping you with how to bet on the Kentucky Derby from your home. For that reason, many people decide to simply stay home and watch their favorite games or events on television. That might work for some sports, but for horse racing, it is better to be sitting track side with a great seat to watch the action unfold in front of you.

How to Bet on 2016 Kentucky Derby

The sheer power and size of the horses as they rumble down the backstretch just cannot be translated through a television. There is a noise that is created when 12 or more horses are racing in close proximity that you will never fully understand or experience without being at the track for yourself. In addition, the feeling of the crowd standing and cheering as the finish line approaches is not going to be replicated at home on your couch, especially if you have wagered on the race. Any way you look at it, attending a horse race in person is an experience that cannot be duplicated with any amount of modern technology but if you are unable to attend and still wish to bet on it you can at the reviewed sportsbooks in our Kentucky Derby online betting picks and predictions review section.

This is why a trip to Churchill Downs to see the Kentucky Derby, first leg of the Triple Crown, in person is something that everyone should consider at least once in their lives. The Derby is the grand stage of horse racing, and the feeling of being at the track for such an event is something that you won’t soon forget. There will be plenty of time to watch races and other events on TV, but take every chance you get to be there in person for 2016.

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