All Eyes on the Main Contenders of Kentucky Derby 2016

The biggest event in horse racing is about to begin and fans all over the world are keeping a close eye on the title favorites. The batch of racehorses this year is as excellent as any and a couple of horses have emerged as favorites of the people placing bets. Let’s look at some of the horses we have in this year’s race so we can see how we should be betting on the Kentucky Derby Online Betting website for the 2016 first leg of the Triple Crown. The below Kentucky Derby 2016 betting favorites are current as of today, Thursday, May 5th, 2016 so be sure to check back here over the next two days for any line movements for the 142nd Kentucky Derby.

Nyquist Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

Nyquist seems like the likeliest winner of the Kentucky Derby in 2016. Not only is this horse coming in with a stellar record, he even has a back-story befitting that of a hero. While most of the other contenders are the sires of some of the most well known horses in the world, Nyquist has a much lesser pedigree. Nyquist has always been underestimated due to the lack of royalty in its breeding process. The amazing part is that this hasn’t stopped the Nyquist from winning pretty much every race he has been entered in. Sure, Nyquist may not have been the sire of an exquisite race horse but you can be sure that when it becomes a stud every horse that is related to him will end up being considered. Who doesn’t love the underdog who keeps winning? This horse is ready for a Hollywood biopic.

Exaggerator Kentucky Derby Wagering Lines

The winning chances of Exaggerator are anything but exaggerated. The horse has always been a serious contender but people have been considering that it might win due to the phenomenal performance it showed in the Santa Anita Derby. The only problem is that the Santa Anita Derby was on a wet track and Exaggerator has always performed fantastically on wet surfaces. The forecast for the Kentucky Derby is that it is going to be a dry day without any rain whatsoever. The owners should be doing rain dances till the race starts. While the Exaggerator does perform fantastically on wet surfaces, it isn’t a slouch on dry surfaces either though its record isn’t as good as Nyquist.

Kentucky Derby 2016 Betting Favorites

Gun Runner Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

Gun Runner is currently at the top of the leaderboard for the Kentucky Derby race but he isn’t the main favorite to win. That honor goes to Nyquist. The reason for this is simple; Gun Runner seems to be degrading in performance slowly. His Brisnet Speed Rating is now 100 instead of the original 104 figure. He has a stellar record and he might go on to win the race but it seems a bit improbably. If the older, speedier Gun Runner is the one that we see in this race instead of the one we saw in the last race he would definitely cause a lot of trouble for Nyquist.

While these three have emerged as the main contenders, they aren’t the only horses you should be betting on. Check out the playbook available at the Kentucky Derby Online Betting website for more tips and insights about what you should be doing.

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