Free Horse Racing Betting Tips Anyone

Can we perhaps interest anyone in some free horse racing betting tips? Today we will go over our latest Kentucky Derby predictions for the 143rd Kentucky Derby.

A vast majority of people will admit to taking a stab at betting on a horse race and being the novice that they are wound up losing a lot more than they won. This is due for the most part, to ignorance about the features and strategies of horse racing. Here is where some free horse racing tips that will come in handy.

    1. Get out your horse racing forms.

They are available at the local news stand as well as online, and look at the information provided about the jockey and jockey. Do a bit more research and get some information on the performance of the horse in previous showings. The combination of this information will have you well ahead in helping to choose your next possible win. By evaluating the jockey’s history, the owners track record for winners and horse’s latest performances you will be able to remove any amount of horses as part of your handicapping process.

    2. Performance matters

It has been seen that the showing of the last three races is usually a good indicator of how he horse will perform in the next race. What will help you are information the speed that the horses ran and what position they finished in the races. The racing form has this information on the horses’ last three outings as well as comparison information for other horses in the field so you can know how the horse you are considering measures against the pack.

2017Kentucky Derby Predictions

    3. The type of surface matters

Some horses are better suited for certain types of tracks or surfaces and particular courses and when you review the horses performance on grass versus dirt tracks, regardless of the distance, you will get a better idea of how they are likely to show at the next outing. Also, notice how the horses perform over different distances. Some horses, like thoroughbreds, are bred for speed and others may be bred for stamina. Information about the past performance on particular surfaces, based on the type of horse, will help you figure out how they will do in the next race on the particular surface.

    4. What about value?

Betting on favourites may not be the most successful move to make; instead you should consider betting on the horses that will deliver to you the most in value. So mix it up a bit. Bet on the favourites and use the tips provided to discover and win on some long-shots.

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