Belmont Stakes Betting Odds

Welcome to the home of Belmont Stakes betting odds for the upcoming third and final leg of the 2012 Triple Crown. The below horses in the picture and jockeys will most likely not be participating in the Belmont Stakes, but the horses below the picture will! Take a look at these Belmont Stakes wagering lines and see how I’ll Have Another matches up with Union Rags as far as Belmont Stakes betting odds are concerned.

Belmont Stakes Betting Odds

Alpha 10/1 Betting Odds
Captain Futuro 250/1 Wagering Lines
Castaway 75/1 Betting Odds
Optimizer 6/1 Wagering Lines
Creative Cause 10/1 Betting Odds
Drill 100/1 Wagering Lines
Dullahan 30/1 Betting Odds
Golden Ticket 85/1 Wagering Lines
Union Rags 3/1 Betting Odds
Guyana Star Dweej 175/1 Wagering Lines
Hansen 10/1 Betting Odds
Street Life 8/1 Wagering Lines
Heavy Breathing 125/1 Betting Odds
I’ll Have Another 3/1

The above wagering lines for the upcoming Belmont Stakes for online betting will most likely change quite a bit as we get closer to race day at Belmont Park but now for wagering purposes these should give Belmont Stakes bettors a good idea of where each contender stands. If you’re looking for an online racebook to place your Belmont Stakes betting odds. As you can see both I’ll Have Another and Union Rags are early betting favorites followed by Optimizer. Optimizer hasn’t raced since the Derby and Union Rags as well did not race in the recent Preakness Stakes. If you are experience I’ll Have Another fever then you should check out the Bovada online racebook for online betting Belmont Stakes today and get yourself an instant 20% signup bonus that you can use immediately for any type of wager, it doesn’t even have to be for the Belmont Stakes.

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