Online Sports Betting

When it comes to betting on sports online there are many different topics of discussion that are always much debated. Questions such as is online sports betting legal, and how can you bet online, often come up. Although I am no lawyer, it doesn’t take a genius to know that if you want to bet on sports online nobody is going to stop you or punish you, unless of course you’re married.

The NFL season gets the majority of online sports wagering over the longest length of time, however the single biggest day of betting is often the Kentucky Derby. For some reason the Kentucky Derby doesn’t have a negative stigma associated with it when it comes to betting. Watch any NBC telecast with Bob Costas for the Kentucky Derby and you will see that they are basically tell you to bet on the Kentucky Derby, even as far as giving you favorites, betting odds, and how much you stand to win if you pick certain horses.

Online Sports Betting

Last year when I was watching the Kentucky Derby they had a nice story on the previous year’s big winner who bet just $25 and walked away with a cool $300,000.00. Now it’s not a million dollars in winnings, but $300K is nothing to sneeze at for just a thirty second event. This Joe average guy only went to Churchhill Downs to watch the Kentucky Derby because his boss made him. Joe Average and two other employees were told they needed some culture and since they lived just outside of Kentucky that they should go dress up and watch the Kentucky Derby live and drink some mint juleps. Although Joe was not a fan of the famous drink that has become synonymous with online horse betting, he did enjoy the occasional sports betting and figured he only had $25 to lose if he bet on the Kentucky Derby. So he did, and 2 hours after placing his wager he had earned himself $300,000.00.

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