Exactas Betting Picks for Kentucky Derby 143

Here is a list of our free Exactas betting picks for Kentucky Derby 143 for bettors looking for some online wagering tips for Kentucky Derby 2017.

The Kentucky Derby is the Super Bowl of horse racing. This race is internationally broadcast all through out the world. Hundreds of millions of sports fans will tune in and get a glimpse of the World’s premier horse racing event.

Because of the Kentucky Derby’s high profile betting pool, many qualify horses can get overlooked by the general betting crowd, thus driving the winning price of that horse up. When you box these picks in an exacta and pick the 1st and 2nd place winners of the Kentucky Derby, you can further multiply your winnings.

Kentucky Derby Betting Exactas

These exotic bets are what help many horse racing fans get excited about the Kentucky Derby’s betting pool. Here’s a few boxed exacta combinations that you should consider this year.

Classic Empire and McCraken Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

If you believe in betting on the two likely favorites for this race, take Classic Empire and McCraken in an exacta box. 

Gunnerva and Irish War Cry Kentucky Derby Wagering Lines

Each of these horses have been touted highly by some of the world’s best horse handicappers. It’s likely that one of these horses will pay double digit odds. If they do, a one-two finish in the Kentucky Derby could be a generous payout.

There you have it in a nutshell, if you plan to place some exactas on the 2017 Kentucky Derby we encourage you to take the above information to heart before placing your Kentucky Derby bets before Saturday’s big race.

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