Kentucky Derby Online Betting Strategies

How exactly do horse racing experts win money on big races such as the Kentucky Derby? If you implement one of their Kentucky Derby online betting strategies, you too could be a big winner. Here is a glimpse at some of the strategies horse racing enthusiasts use when betting on the Kentucky Derby.

Similar Tracks

Some horse racing experts look for similar tracks to Churchill Downs that a horse has won on in the past. It is entirely possible that the horse you are betting upon has run a race at Churchill Downs but if not, you can easily look up video of a specific horse on YouTube. One track that a lot of experts say is similar to Churchill Downs is Santa Anita, therefore the winner of the Santa Anita Derby (Exaggerarator) may have a leg up on the competition.

Practice Sprints

As horses line up for the Kentucky Derby, they will likely make several sprints around the track. Sharp bettors will look at these times and try to make sense out of them. For example, does a horse’s practice sprints seem to be getting faster? Does the horse’s hoof grip well on the dirt? Look at the practice times and compare them with other horses in order to get an edge on your Kentucky Derby betting picks.

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